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College of Law

Florida State University


Juris Master On-Campus Program


Earn a 1-year degree that could help you advance in your chosen field and understand important legal, business and regulatory issues. 

The Florida State University College of Law Juris Master degree program is designed for a workforce that is increasingly interested in legal training. The program is intended for those who possess a bachelor’s degree and want to advance their career as a non-lawyer by earning a degree in one year. The program is flexible with few required courses – students can tailor their curriculum for their specific professional advancement goals.

Students can earn the Juris Master degree on either a full-time, one-year schedule or on a part-time basis that lasts no more than three years, with the option to take some courses online. The program’s 30-credit curriculum includes an Introduction to Legal Studies and Research course specifically designed for Juris master students. Students also will be required to take at least two courses from the J.D. first-year courses. Beyond those requirements, students may personalize their curriculum by specializing in one of five key areas: Business LawAdministrative Law and Governmental RelationsEnvironmental and Land Use LawCriminal Law and Justice; and Employment and Human Resources Law. Each specialization has a menu of course offerings (some of which are offered online) designed to afford students a multi-faceted understanding of the laws impacting those areas.

Upon successful completion of program requirements, students will be awarded a Juris Master degree.

The Juris Master degree is not an LL.M. degree for lawyers. The degree is intended for those who do not intend to become a licensed, practicing attorney and have not completed a Juris Doctorate.

Benefits of earning a Juris Master from Florida State include:

  • Instruction by professors who comprise one of the nation's top law faculties.
  • A broad, innovative curriculum that can provide students with a better background for careers in business, finance, banking, government and human relations.
  • Access to Florida State's superb law alumni network, which is comprised of professionals who make it a priority to help students and fellow graduates with their job searches.