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Juris Master FAQs

How long does it take to earn the Juris Master degree?
The Juris Master program requires the successful completion of 30 credit hours. The full-time program must be completed within one calendar year. The part-time program must be completed within three calendar years.

Can a Juris Master student select courses that interest them the most?
Largely, yes. The program is designed to allow students to target areas such as financial services, healthcare law, environmental law or business law. Two of the courses must be chosen from the normal first year curriculum and students must take one short introductory course.

Are the Juris Master’s courses separate from the regular law school courses?
Other than the introductory course, no, the remaining courses are part of the regular law school curriculum and students in these courses may be JM, JD, or LL.M. students.

Are courses for the Juris Master degree taught by the same professors that teach the courses for the Juris Doctorate degree?

Can a Juris Master student continue his or her employment while enrolled in the program?

Is the Juris Master degree available as an online program?
No, although there are online courses available as part of the program.

Are students enrolled in a Ph.D. program or another Master’s degree program eligible to apply to the Juris Master program?

What is the cost of tuition for the Juris Master degree?

  • Florida resident tuition for the 2016–2017 academic year is $688.11 per credit hour (plus a $20 Student Affairs Facility Use Fee per semester).
  • Non-resident tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is $1,355.18 per credit hour (plus a $20 Student Affairs Facility Use Fee per semester).
  • For additional information on the cost of attendance, click here.

As an employee of the state of Florida, am I eligible for the State of Florida Employee Educational Assistance Program (Tuition Waiver)?
Unfortunately the courses offered through the College of Law are not eligible for the tuition waiver program.

After completing the Juris Master degree will I be able to transfer these credits towards the Juris Doctorate degree?
No. Currently, according to ABA Standards, a law school may only grant credit for courses undertaken as a Juris Doctor degree student. Therefore, credits earned toward the Juris Master degree are not transferrable toward a J.D. degree.

Does the Juris Master degree permit me to practice law?
No. The Juris Master degree does not permit you to sit for the Florida Bar exam or to practice law as a licensed attorney.

Is the Juris Master degree an LL.M. degree for lawyers?
No. The Juris Master degree is not an LL.M. degree for lawyers. The degree is intended for those who do not intend to become a licensed, practicing attorney and have not completed a Juris Doctorate.