Advanced Civil Procedure (2-3 credits)

This course is designed to review the procedures and strategies used in civil litigation that you studied in first-year Civil Procedure, to go into these topics in greater depth, and to cover additional topics for which there is typically insufficient time in the first-year course. Topics to be covered are Pleading, Discovery, Disposition, Joinder, Jurisdiction, Appeals, and Respect for Judgments. By the end of the course you should feel well-versed in the terminology and concepts of Civil Procedure, be able to analyze Civil Procedure problems with some sophistication, and be able to research questions in Civil Procedure.

90% of your grade is based on either a final examination or a research paper that you will write under the supervision of Professor Lee. If you elect to take the exam, you will receive two credits and will be required to attend all classes, including those in which students present research. All the material that may be covered on the exam will be covered in the first five weeks of the semester, and the exam will be given during the sixth week.

For those electing the research option, by the end of the fourth week of class you will submit a proposal of about 2 pages in length, identifying your topic, your possible thesis, sources you intend to consult, and whether you seek to fulfill the Upper Level Writing Requirement. You will have weeks 6 through 11 to do the research on this paper and write it up. During the final 2 weeks of class you will report on your findings and go over with Professor Lee the draft you have at that point. The final draft is due on the last day of final exams.