Federal Courts Practicum (1 credit)

This Federal Courts Practicum offers students an opportunity to complete simulated legal work projects under the direction of an accomplished practicing attorney in the field while studying the law at issue in those projects in the associated doctrinal class.  The Practicum’s projects will include drafting pleadings, motions, legal memorandum, discovery, joint scheduling and discovery reports, judicial opinions and orders, as well as simulated client counseling, mediation, and oral argument, among other things.  The projects will build on students’ knowledge of the law of federal courts, -- for example, federal jurisdiction (federal question and diversity), removal and remand, forum non convenience and transferring cases to a different federal court, extraordinary writs such as mandamus and habeas corpus, disclosure and discovery requirements in federal court, the benefits and detriments of litigating in federal court or other issues.  These paired doctrinal and practical courses provide a rich opportunity for students to become substantive experts in an area of law while developing a range of related professional skills.  In these ways, the doctrinal/practicum course pairing forms part of the bridge between law school classrooms and the legal professions.  Pre-/Co-requisite: Federal Courts. Pre/Co-requisite: Federal Courts