Booklets for Law Student Guidance

Two booklets are available to help students with the major issues that they typically face during law school, and that are likely to impact their success and satisfaction after graduation. The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress and A Deeper Understanding of Your Career Choices apply modern empirical research about values, motivation, and life satisfaction to the thought processes and internal adjustments taking place in students throughout law school. One or both booklets have been used at more than 100 law schools since their creation in 2005.

Each booklet summarizes the challenges particular to its topic -- the law school experience or identifying and securing a satisfying career -- and explains the attitudes and values that will serve students best in each context. The "careers" booklet also provides specific methods for each individual to determine personally satisfying career areas, and to objectively calculate the potential "value" of a particular position or work setting.

The immediate goal of these booklets is to assist law students towards optimal performance and well-being in school and in the legal work they ultimately choose. A broader aspiration is to make a modest contribution, over time, to the improvement of the level of health, satisfaction and professionalism among lawyers generally.

Either booklet (or both) may be distributed to students for their personal reading, or may be assigned in conjunction with classes, clinics or programs such as academic support or placement. Courses that would be particularly appropriate include Legal Writing and other first-year courses, Professional Responsibility, clinical programs, or other offerings in which you wish to integrate a consideration of professionalism, professional skills, or professional stress. The booklets provide content for reflection, discussion, and/or written assignments.

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