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Juris Master Degree Program:
A 1-year law program for non-lawyers

Nearly all professionals encounter legal issues, ranging from risk management to identifying potential liability concerns to understanding ever-increasing federal and state regulations. The Florida State University College of Law Juris Master degree program is designed for a workforce that is increasingly interested in legal training. The program is intended for those who possess a bachelor’s degree and who want to advance their careers with a year of legal studies and training. The program is flexible with few required courses – students can tailor their curriculum for their specific professional advancement goals.

Professionals who want answers to the following questions will benefit from Florida State's Juris Master program:

Benefits of earning a Juris Master from Florida State include:

The 30-credit curriculum includes two courses specifically designed for Juris Master students: Introduction to Legal Studies and Introduction to Legal Research. Students also will be required to take at least two courses from the J.D. core curriculum. The remaining courses are elective and will be selected by students according to their professional interests. The Florida State University College of Law will work with students to ensure the optimal curriculum. The degree may be completed on either a full-time, one-year schedule or on a part-time basis that lasts no more than three years. Upon successful completion of program requirements, students will be awarded a Juris Master degree.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the law school at 850.644.3400 or law-jurismaster@law.fsu.edu.