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Valerie Chartier-Hogancamp

Valerie Chartier-Hogancamp

3rd Year
Undergrad: University of Miami
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Area of Interest: Environmental Law, Military

Why did you choose the College of Law?

I chose Florida State University College of Law because Tallahassee and the FSU College of Law had the "whole package" that I was looking for. My choice of law school included all of the traditional factors such as quality of education, bar passage rates, and student/faculty ratios. However, my family and I were also looking for a town with a good job for my husband, a great school for our daughter, and a community that we could be a part of. Tallahassee and the FSU College of Law felt like home the first time that we came to visit.

What do you feel is unique about being a student at the College of Law?

I feel the single most unique experience at the FSU College of Law, in comparison to other law schools, is the learning atmosphere in and out of the classrooms. Professors are approachable and classmates are friendly and helpful, without the atmosphere of fierce competition that is seen at many law schools.

What makes our alumni network special?

From the alumni that have served as my mentors during the first semester of my 1L year, the first thing that comes to mind is approachability. They have not only shared their time and experience with me in an open and friendly manner from a professional perspective, but they have gone out of their way to share their personal lives with my family as well.

Why do you want to be an attorney?

I spent nearly the first ten years of my career working as a consultant for an international engineering firm. My favorite projects to manage were always those that involved the legal matters that required a team of outside counsel. I wanted to be able to work on the other side of these projects.

What has been your favorite course or who has been your favorite professor since starting your legal education?

My favorite class thus far was Civil Procedure with Professor Lee. First, she is brilliant and always open to discussion both in and out of class. Second, she provided exercises throughout the semester that gave students a glimpse into what law practice could actually look like with mock depositions, mock arguments and practice pleading exercises. I hope that I have the opportunity to take another class with Professor Lee! I am also very excited to be taking Environmental Law with Professor Markell this semester.

Which College of Law student organization stands out to you?

Student Bar Association. Our representatives are always scheduling events such as lunch with professors that allow me to be involved with the law school in spite of my otherwise busy life schedule.

Which student services office has been particularly helpful to you during your time at the College of Law?

The Office of Student Affairs and Dean Benavides in particular have been absolutely essential to my success in transitioning to law school. Dean Benavides is always available and seems to have the answer to any question that a student might have. Honestly, I don't know how she does it!

What is your favorite "Tallahassee recommendation"?

This is a tough question because Tallahassee is probably my favorite city that I have lived in. The Tallahassee Museum is a pretty special place - it is so much more than a "museum." This is one of my favorite places in Tallahassee and also my daughter's favorite place.

Give one "Fun Fact" about yourself.

I have a three-year-old daughter named Emerson. She's amazing!