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Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman

3rd Year
Undergrad: University of Florida
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Area of Interest: Litigation

What do you feel is unique about being a student at the College of Law?
The collaborative nature amongst my peers. Most horror stories of law school revolve around sadistic professors and cutthroat students. The College of Law has a sense of camaraderie that I have never seen before, including my High School years at the Sarasota Military Academy.

What makes our alumni network special?
Given the careful culling to bring in only the best students, the alumni have been as equally friendly and helpful as my peers. I have been set up with a mentor at the local State Attorney's office who graduated the year before I began. He has been extremely helpful while I figure out where I want to take my legal career. I have also had mentors assigned to other classmates who are more than happy to meet and offer advice. I have yet to meet an alum I didn't like.

What do you recommend to guests visiting Tallahassee?
Hands down it has to be Kool Beanz Cafe. The gaudy theme belies the Grade A cuisine they serve.

Fun fact about Michael.
I spent 4 years working as a political fundraiser, including for President Obama, where I was able to meet him on several occasions. One of the high points of my career was when he thanked me for my work on his Florida finance team.

Also, I purchased a motorcycle just before law school with the dual purpose of finding a new hobby and seeing the look of disbelief on peoples' faces when I told them I ride.