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Brent Marshall

Brent Marshall

3rd Year
Undergrad: University of Central Florida
Hometown: DeLand, FL
Area of Interest: International Law, Civil Rights

Why did you choose the College of Law?
I made the decision to attend FSU College of Law during my visitation day which included a Student Ambassador tour. My dream since I was in high school was to attend law school in Washington, D.C. I have always had an idealistic view of the nation's capital as the ideal place to study law. After visiting the D.C. schools, I realized how much more at home I would feel in a caring, supportive environment. The FSU College of Law was one of the only schools I visited that gave me the feeling that I could really grow as a person and make lifelong friends, and it was even located in my home state. Speaking with professors and students the day of my visit made me decide, with very little hesitation, that I had found my home for the next three years.

What do you feel is unique about being a student at the College of Law?
It's hard to quantify how unique FSU College of Law is without attending another school. However, I think the best way to describe how I feel would be to label us as a family. Everyone I know that attends law school at other schools sees their fellow students as adversaries. I have never at any point felt anything other than warmth and friendship from my fellow students. The outlook here is that we're a team and while grades matter, it’s far more important to network and know people that will also be in the legal field later on. FSU alumni give the same advice, explaining how glad they are to have attended a school that is far less competitive because of the lifelong relationships they made and still maintain to this day.

What makes our alumni network special?
I cannot imagine a more supportive alumni network. I have no comparison so this may not be as unique as it seems, but I certainly feel like our alumni are far more willing to go out of their way for us and network. One huge benefit with FSU Law is actually alumni from other schools. I've spoken to multiple attorneys living in Tallahassee who our alumni have brought in to help with organizations in order to broaden our legal network. These men and women love working with our alumni and our students, and I don't hear about this second tier network being as prevalent at other schools.

Why do you want to be an attorney?
I have always been fascinated with the interaction of nations in international law as well as the interaction of nations and their individual citizens from a civil rights perspective. I wish I could claim I had a moment where I decided this was a path for me, but it was more of an organic decision, and a goal at the end of the road that I have been gradually, yet passionately steering toward for the last decade.

What has been your favorite course or who has been your favorite professor since starting your legal education?
My favorite course has been Professor Spottswood's Civil Procedure class. Civil procedure has to be one of the most boring subjects that has ever existed, but he is probably the most articulate and interesting professor I have ever had. He was one of the professors that spoke to us during my Student Ambassador tour and I decided I was going to take him if I didn't get assigned to him my 1L year and luckily I did. All of my professors have been fantastic and I have been engaged the entire time I've been here, but Professor Spottswood takes the prize as my favorite professor thus far.

Which College of Law student organization stands out to you?
The Aviation and Space Law society stands out to me the most, namely because of my level of involvement, but also the real world application. I find the emerging fields of space and drone law to be absolutely fascinating because any expert in those fields will be on the ground floor of establishing precedent. Both are truly legal frontiers and I think it is so important to bring in experts and educate the student body on how laws are forming in both areas.

Which student services office has been particularly helpful to you during your time at the College of Law?
The Office of Student Affairs has been the most helpful office during my time at the College of Law. I have never had a question they could not assist me with and I love knowing that I can go to them at any time with any issues I may have.

What is your favorite "Tallahassee recommendation?" 
I may not be the most popular person in the city for this opinion, but the El Kubano food truck is better than Gordo's hands down. I insist that everyone go to Voodoo Dog (I recommend the Jefferson, even the veggie version is unacceptably good. I also like to recommend the natural beauty surrounding us, whether kayaking on the Wakulla River, or hiking on one of the many trails in the area.

Fun Fact about Brent. 
I one time burned off my eyelashes in front of 15,000 people while on stage, standing on a pool table, and while I was being projected onto a jumbotron.