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Natalia Nincevic

Natalia Nincevic

3rd Year
Undergrad: Boston College
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Area of Interest: Business Law, Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise

Why did you choose the College of Law?
I struggled with deciding between FSU and returning to my alma mater, Boston College. However, in addition to being a top academic institution in my home state, my admissions letter had a handwritten, individualized note. Although a seemingly small gesture, I believed the note reflected a supportive and attentive community. And I was right - the professors, deans, admissions staff, students & alumni have been so helpful, encouraging and supportive.

What do you feel is unique about being a student at the College of Law?
As a relatively small community, it is easy and encouraged to get to know other students and professors on a deeper level. Law school is often stressful and daunting, but I have found the small community to be understanding, supportive and encouraging.

Why do you want to be an attorney?
I believe in the role of social enterprise; that is, the importance of start-up companies that take positive steps to alleviate social problems (i.e. Tom's Shoes). As such, I hope, as an attorney, I can advise start-up companies on legal issues related to both the business aspects of entrepreneurship, as well as the policy aspects of alleviating social issues.

What has been your favorite course or who has been your favorite professor since starting your legal education?
I have enjoyed Legal Writing with Professor Matthews. Prior to law school, I never experienced the subject of legal writing, but Professor Matthews has made learning the process straightforward. In addition, she critiques writing more than any professor I have ever had. As a result, my legal writing skills have quickly developed and continue to improve. During my internship as a rising 2L, these research and writing skills were invaluable. I worked for the motions and appeals unit of a law firm, and I was able to efficiently research and draft appellate briefs and motions because of the education and constructive feedback I received in Professor Matthew’s class.

Which College of Law student organization stands out to you?
CABA offers students of all ethnic backgrounds opportunities to become involved in the greater Floridian community. In addition, CABA offers students a well-established mentor program with professionals across the state.

Which student services office has been particularly helpful to you during your time at the College of Law?
The Placement Office has been informative, helpful and motivating in the networking and career search process.

What is your favorite "Tallahassee recommendation?"
Tallahassee has a large running community. Community organizations, as well as campus organizations, often host 5ks and other races. Runners (beginner and advanced) can take advantage of the scenic routes and beautiful weather in Tallahassee. In addition, FSU Law has started a running club this year.

Fun fact about Natalia. 
My favorite hobby is figure skating.