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Hillary Thornton

Hillary Thornton

3rd Year
Undergrad: University of Florida
Hometown: Longwood, FL
Area of Interest: Government, Litigation

Why did you choose the FSU College of Law?
The atmosphere is electric. The professors and students are friendly and always willing to lend a hand or help you understand a concept. We have some of the top minds in each field and the opportunity to learn from them is beyond compare.

What makes our alumni network special?
Our alumni don’t just span the globe, but also the entire range of professions within the legal field. They are friendly, always willing to give advice and genuinely want to get to know the students. It’s nice to know that alumni are so willing to act in a mentoring capacity as we transition from school to the working world.

What has been your favorite course or who has been your favorite professor since starting your legal education?
Torts with Professor Sevier has been my favorite class so far. The crazy fact patterns are always interesting and Professor Sevier found different ways to teach us the topic while keeping us engaged. I liked his teaching style so much that I took Evidence with him as well!

Which College of Law student organization stands out to you and why?
Women's Law Symposium has been fantastic during my time here. Through this organization, I have received a wonderful mentor who has given me advice every step of the way and have had the opportunity to mingle with many local attorneys and judges. Being able to meet such successful individuals is both empowering and inspiring.

Which student services office has been particularly helpful to you during your time at the College of Law?
The Career Services Office has been great in terms of helping me prepare for the transition into a working environment. They are always available and willing to answer any question and will do whatever is necessary to help students land their dream job.

Give one fun fact about yourself.
I love to travel! In March of 2016, I fulfilled a life-long dream and spent two weeks in Ireland with my boyfriend and his family (who are native Irish). I absolutely fell in love with the culture and the history. I learned so much and am always willing to share! Sláinte!