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College of Law

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Previous Issues

Volume 32, Number 1

Environmental Regulation Going Retro: Learning Foresight from Hindsight
-Jonathan B. Wiener and Daniel L. Ribeiro

Beyond the Plant Pest Trigger: Law, Science and Rational Oversight of Transgenic Crops
-John J. Perona

Rejecting Climate Change: Not Science Denial, but Regulation Phobia
-Edward L. Rubin

The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015: Model for Future Environmental Legislation, or Black Swan?
-David A. Strifling

Hydraulic Fracturing and our Food System: Emerging Issues Related to Recycling Wastewater for Agricultural Purposes
-Sarah Logan Beasley

We’re All in this Together: A Fair Share Approach to Renewable Energy
-Jazz M. Tomassetti

Saving Obamacare Did Not Bake the Earth: Applying the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell Framework to the Conflicting Amendments at the Heart of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan
-Hampden Macbeth

Death Without Dignity: The Misnomerof Euthanasia in the State Animal Shelter System and a Call for a No-Kill Florida
-Katherine Sloan


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