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Volume 14, Number 2

Volume 14, Number 2/ Spring 1999 Articles: LEGAL HISTORY Highlights in North American Litigation During the Twentieth Century on Artificial Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies -Jack Graham and Dr. Pierre Morin COMMENTS: Improvements Under Florida's Butler Act: Can We Have a Definition Please? -Allan Wulbern Measuring Justice for Nature: Issues in Evaluating and Litigating Natural Resource Damages -James Peck NOTES: Parent Corporation Liability Under CERCLA: An Analysis of the Supreme Court's Failures and Fortunes in Its Decision in United States v. Bestfoods -John Chapman Addition By Removal? National Mining Limits Section 404 Control of Construction in Wetlands -Michael Hollins BOOK REVIEW: Environmental Law Practice: Problems and Exercises for Skills Development -Jody L. Finklea WEB SITE REVIEW: -1999 Recommended Web sites for Ocean and Coastal Law
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