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Volume 17, Number 1

Volume 17, Number 1/ Fall 2001 TRIBUTE TO THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF PROFESSOR FRED P. BOSSELMAN A. Dan Tarlock ARTICLES: Fred Bossleman and the Taking Issue -David L. Callies Fred Bosselman's Legacy to Land Use Reform -David R. Mandelker Twenty-five Years of Taming Tourism -Craig A. Peterson Fred Bosseman as Participant-Observer Lawyer: The Case of Habitat Conservation Planning -A. Dan Tarlock PROCEEDINGS OF THE 7th ANNUAL PUBLIC INTEREST ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE: "ALL EYES ON FLORIDA: REVITALIZING, RESTORING & REVISITING" Implementing Everglades Restoration -Mary Doyle Traits and Tools for Ethical Environmental Advocates in Florida -Brion Blackwelder Exalting the Corporate Form Over Environmental Protection: The Corporate Shell Game and the Enforcement of Water Management Law in Florida -Mary Jane Angelo, Charles Lobdell, and Tara Boonstra Scrutinizing Environmental Enforcement: A Comment on a Recent Discussion at the AALS -Joel A Mintz Translating Science Into Law: Phosphorus Standards in the Everglades -Keith Rizzardi Green Justice: A Holistic Approach to Environmental Injustice -Nicole C. Kibert RECENT DEVELOPMENTS -John T. Cardillo
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