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Volume 17, Number 2

Volume 17, Number 2/ Spring 2002 Articles: What Lawmakers Can Learn from Large-Scale Ecology -Fred Bosselman New Power, Few New Lines: A Need for a Federal Solution -Hoang Dang Negotiating the Maze: Tracing Historical Title Claims in Spanish Land Grants & Swamp and Overflowed Lands Act -Sidney F. Ansbacher & Joe Knetsch PROCEEDINGS OF THE 8th ANNUAL PUBLIC INTEREST ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE: "INDUSTRY IS FROM MARS, ENVIRONMENTALISTS ARE FROM VENUS: RECONCILING OUR DIFFERENCES ON EARTH" Policy Instruments for a Sustainable Built Environment -Charles J. Kibert *Three Questions for Agriculture About the Environment -J. B. Ruhl Reconciling Environmentalist and Industry Differences: The New Corporate Citizenship "Race to the Top"? -Gary S. Guzy A Public Benefit Fund for Florida: Creating a Sustainable Energy Future for the Sunshine State -Deb Swim "industry is from Mars: Environmentalists are from Venus: Reconciling Our Differences on Earth."—A Utility Perspective -Richard Lehfeldt, Greg Nelson Conservation Issues on Military Lands: Some Thoughts on a Framework for Successful Mission Integration—Est Modus in Rebus -Louis J. Puleo Panel: Ethical Dilemmas: Finding Common Ground on Controversial Issues -Lesley Blackner, Richard C. Foltz, Anna L. Peterson, Brion Blackwelder, Lisa C. Schiavinato, Alyson Flournoy 2002 Recommended Web Sites for National Parks and Florida Parks -John T. Cardillo RECENT DEVELOPMENTS -Kara J. Berlin BOOK REVIEW -Roman Ortega-Cowan ABSTRACTS
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