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Volume 19, Number 2

Volume 19, Number 2/ Spring 2004 Articles: Is There a There There in Environmental Law? -A. Dan Tarlock The Development of Regional Impact in Florida’s Growth Management Scheme: The Changing Role in Regionalism -Joseph Van Rooy Finding the Development Value of Wetlands and Other Environmentally Sensitive Lands Under the Extent of Interference with Reasonable Investment-Backed Expectations -Donald C. Guy and James E. Holloway Florida’s Impaired Waters Rule: Is There a “Method” to the Madness? -Cynthia D. Norgart Urban Sprawl: Florida’s and Maryland’s Approaches -J. Celeste Sakowicz PROCEEDINGS FROM THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY PUBLIC INTEREST ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE Introduction Marine Reserves, the Public Trust Doctrine and Intergenerational Equity -Donna R. Christie The Meaning and Relevance of Food Security in the Context of Current Globalization Trends -David Fazzino Toxicology and Risk Assessment of Mycotoxins -Raymond d. Harbison, todd Stedeford, Marak Banasik, Carlos A. Muro-Cacho" Litigating Mold Claims Crisis? What Crisis? -Gregory J. Johansen Green Buildings: An Overview of Progress -Charles J. Kibert Extended Producer Responsibility: A Tool for Achieving Sustainable Development -Nicole C. Kibert Florida's Housing Trust Fund — Addressing the State's Affordable Housing Needs -Kristin Larsen Mycotoxins: Mechanisms of Toxicity and Mothods of Detection for Identifying Exposted Individuals -Carlos A. Muro-Cacho, Todd Stedeford, Marek Banasik, Tomasz T. Suchecki and Amanda S. Persad A Review of Inhalation Exposure to Mold and Adverse Health Outcomes -Amanda S. Persad, Todd Stedeford, Marek Banasik, Tomasz, T. Suchecki, Carlos A. Muro-Cacho Unknown Quantity: The Bottled Water Industry and Florida's Springs -Kelly Samek BOOK REVIEW -Greg Goelzhauser ABSTRACTS
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