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Volume 22, Number 2

Volume 22, Number 2/ Spring 2007 Articles: The Law and Policy Beginnings of Ecosystem Services -J.B. Ruhl & James Salzman Thinking Inside the Box: Looking for Ecosystem Services Within a Forested Watershed -Janet Neuman Ecosystem Services in the Klamath Basin: Battlefield Casualties or the Future? -A. Dan Tarlock Broadening Narrow Perspectives and Nuisance Law: Protecting Ecosystem Services in the ACF Basin -Robert Haskell Abrams Federal Rangeland Policy: Perverting Law and Jeopardizing Ecosystem Services -Debra L. Donahue Valuing Coastal and Ocean Ecosystem Services: The Paradox of Scarcity for Marine Resources Commodities and the Potential Role of Lifestyle Value Competition -Robin Kundis Craig What are Slugs Good For? Ecosystem Services and the Conservation of Biodiversity -Dale D. Goble The Structure of the Land Use Regulatory System in the United States -Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold The "Background Principles" of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services - Did Lucas Open Pandora's Box? -J.B. Ruhl Is There a Possible Role for Regulatory Enforcement in the Effort to Value, Protect, and Restore Ecosystem Services? -David Markell Ecosystem Subsidies of Fossil Fuels -David R. Hodas Trading in Ecosystem Services: Carbon Sinks and the Clean Development Mechanism -Dennis D. Hirsch
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