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Volume 23, Number 1

Volume 23, Number 1/ Fall 2007 ARTICLES: Adapting to Climate Change: Who Should Pay -Daniel A. Farber Agencies in Limbo: Migratory Birds and Incidental Take by Federal Agencies -Julie Lurman Insuring Against Environmental Unknowns -Ralph A. DeMeo, Carl Eldred, Leslie A. Utiger and Lynn S. Scruggs STUDENT NOTE: The Economics of Enforcing Environmental Laws: A Case for Limiting the Use of Criminal Sanctions -Wesley D. Sherman RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: The Changing Tide of Land Use and Environmental Law -Ruth Jackson Lee BOOK REVIEW: LAST HARVEST: The Way We Live -David L. Powell 13TH ANNUAL PUBLIC INTEREST ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE: "Talk, Technology, and Techniques: Game Plan for Green" Envisioning Next-Generation Green Buildings -Charles J. Kibert and Kevin Grosskopf Housing Opportunities in Florida: The State Housing Trust Fund -Kristin E. Larsen Government Payments for Ecosystem Services - Lessons From Costa Rica -Brian C. Steed
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