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Volume 23, Number 2

Volume 23, Number 2/ Spring 2008 Articles: Chop Wood, Carry Water: Cutting to the Heart of the World's Water Woes -Janet Neuman Ecosystem Services, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, and the Conceptual Difference Between Benefits Provided by Ecosystems and Benefits Provided by People -Ezequiel Lugo Uses of Subjective Well-Being in Local Economic and Land Use Policy -Daniel M. Warner In Search of Robin Hood: Suggested Legislative Responses to Kelo -Mark Seidenfeld Ends and Means in Takings Law After Lingle v. Chevron -Alan Romero Through the Looking Glass: Analyzing the Potential Legal Challenges to Form-Based Codes -Elizabeth Garvin and Dawn Jourdan The TDR Siren Song: The Problems with Transferable Development Rights Programs and How to Fix Them -Ari D. Bruening Infrastructure and the Law: Florida's Past, Present and Future -Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer
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