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Volume 26, Number 2

Volume 26, Number 2/ Spring 2011 DISTINGUISHED LECTURER SERIES: State Standing in Climate Change Lawsuits -Kirsten H. Engel PROCEEDINGS FROM THE SYMPOSIUM ON SEA LEVEL RISE AND PROPERTY RIGHTS: Reasonable Investment-Backed Expectations: Should Notice of Rising Seas Lead to Falling Expectations for Coastal Property Purchasers? -Thomas Ruppert Proposed Exactions -Timothy M. Mulvaney Sea Level Rise and Gulf Beaches: The Specter of Judicial Takings -Donna R. Christie Wetlands or Seawalls? Adapting Shoreline Regulation to Address Sea Level Rise and Wetland Preservation in the Gulf of Mexico -Niki L. Pace Rolling Easements as a Response to Sea Level Rise in Coastal Texas: Current Status of the Law After Severance v. Patterson -Richard J. McLaughlin Public Trust and Public Necessity Defenses to Takings Liability for Sea-Level Rise Responses on the Gulf Coast -Robin Kundis Craig Is Sea Level Rise "Foreseeable"? Does it Matter? -James Wilkins STUDENT COMMENT: Practical, Legal, and Economic Barriers to Optimization in Energy Transmission and Distribution -Miriam Sowinski
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