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Volume 28, Number 1

Volume 28, Number 1/ Fall 2012 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW DISTINGUISHED LECTURE 25th ANNIVERSARY SYMPOSIUM: THE FUTURE OF OCEAN AND COASTAL LAW & POLICY: Symposium on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law Distinguished Lecture Series: A Focus on Ocean and Coastal Law Issues -Donna R. Christie The Unexpected Ark: The Blue Legacy of the Clinton and Bush Presidencies, 1993 to 2006 -Alison Rieser Complex and Murky Spatial Planning -Josh Eagle Giving Voice to Rachel Carson: Putting Science into Environmental Law -William H. Rodgers, Jr. STUDENT COMMENT: Third-Party PPAs: Unleashing America's Solar Potential -Samuel Farkas RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: -Forrest S. Pittman
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