Dispute Resolution Society (DRS)

Mission Statement

To provide a forum for the study, development and promotion of nonlitigious problem solving methods.

Officers & Contacts

2013-14 Executive Board
President — Trevor Ruff
Vice-President of Client Counseling —TBD
Vice-President of Negotiations — Nicholas Duval

Secretary — Jennifer Lettman

Treasurer — David Heedy

About DRS

The Dispute Resolution Society (DRS) is a law school organization that seeks to help law students develop their skills in an increasingly common aspect of the legal profession: alternative (non-litigation) means of dispute resolution. To do so, DRS holds simulation negotiation and client counseling competitions as well as lectures regarding alternative means of dispute resolution. Members of DRS have the chance to participate and attend school, regional, and national competitions throughout the year. These competitions are sponsored by the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association. The Negotiation competition is held in the fall, and the Client Counseling competition is held in the spring.