Student Bar Association

Mission Statement

SBA serves as the representative of the College of Law student body to discover and manifest its collective desires, to secure the benefits of mutual association, and to further the legal, academic, and social interests of its members and the College of Law. FSU Law Student Bar Association's main goal is to improve the overall quality of life for all students attending Florida State University College of Law. SBA offers the perfect opportunity to become involved in an organization that is constantly working to make the experience at FSU Law more enjoyable, rewarding, and fun. Further, SBA offers countless opportunities to become engaged and enjoy extracurricular activities while benefiting FSU Law and the Tallahassee community.

Office & Contacts

2013-14 Executive Board

President — Lindsay Kushner
Vice President
Stefani Alexander
Secretary — Erica Steinmiller
Treasurer — Jeffery Sampson
ABA Senior Representative — Clayton (Lee) Lovett
ABA Jr. Representative — Rachel Pringle
Florida Bar Representative — Jonathan Chinchilla
Transfer Student Representative — Shaniqueka Marcelus
3L Representative — Alison Hofheimer and Brock Magruder
2L Representative — Dan Bart and Khalil Farah
1L Representative — Kristina Torpy, Michelle Kim, Luis Then and Cortney Criswell

Event Calendar
Please click here for the SBA's event calendar.

2013-2014 Election Posters
Presidential Candidate — Brittany Fox
Presidential Candidate — Lindsay Kushner
Vice Presidential Candidate — Stefani Alexander
Vice Presidential Candidate — Erik Woody
Secretary Candidate — Erica Steinmiller
Treasurer Candidate — Jeffery Sampson
Treasurer Candidate — PJ Hebb
ABA Jr. Reperesentative Candidate — Rachel Pringle
Florida Bar Representative Candidate — Jen Lettman
Florida Bar Representative Candidate — Jonathan Chinchilla
3L Representative Candidate — Alison Hofheimer
3L Representative Candidate — Benjamin Bedrava
3L Representative Candidate — Brock Magruder III
2L Representative Candidate — Dan Bart
2L Representative Candidate — Megan Lloyd
2L Representative Candidate — Khalil Farah