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College of Law Rooms - 210

Here you can see a brief description and a few pictures of each of the classrooms available at the FSU College of Law.


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Room Characteristics
Seating Cap 48 (2 handicap) **
Video Display LCD Projector (x2)
Audio House
Speech Reinforcement Podium Gooseneck Mic, Wireless Lapel Mic

Custom Podium
Control Panel/Confidence Monitor
Desktop - Windows 7
Laptop Connection VGA/HDMI
Blu Ray/DVD player
Document Camera
PowerPoint Presenter

Note: For training on any equipment in this room please either submit the Training Request Form or contact the College of Law Technology Department by phone (644-7735) or email (helpdesk@law.fsu.edu) to schedule a training session.

*    Subtract 2 seats for every handicap seat.
**  Subtract 1 seat for every handicap seat.

The following minor issue was found but this will not prevent the general use of technology being used.

Comments: Podium/Crestron monitor won`t turn on. I tried resetting the system and turning the monitor on and off a couple times but that didn`t work. It powers up but doesn`t display anything.
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