V. Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America is home to a significant group of successful pharmaceutical manufacturers. For the major economic actors in the pharmaceutical sector – e.g., Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia -- the regulatory systems are well developed. Latin American producers face competitive challenges from two sides: first, from Pharma companies increasingly challenging local manufacturers on the basis of marketing exclusivity rules deriving from free trade agreements with the United States, and; second, from low-cost generic producers from India, Israel and elsewhere. Problems of access to medicines are principally grounded in more general problems of income inequality and government budget constraints. HIV-AIDS imposes financial strain on Brazilian budget. Caribbean nations are hard-hit by HIV-AIDS and struggling to formulate comprehensive treatment programs. Countries need to address patent and marketing exclusivity rules and pressure from US Pharma. Financing is also a significant problem.

  1. How are new patent and marketing exclusivity rules affecting local production in Latin America?
  2. How are these rules affecting prices and public health budgets?
  3. Are regional production facilities in the Caribbean viable? What regulatory infrastructure changes are necessary?

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