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Florida State University Law Review

Providing a forum for contemporary legal discourse

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The Florida State University Law Review is the flagship legal journal of the Florida State University College of Law. The members of the Law Review publish the journal four times per year from Tallahassee, Florida.

Each issue contains scholarly articles authored by academics, judges, clerks, and attorneys from around the globe, as well as pieces authored by current students of the College of Law. The Law Review is staffed and edited by second- and third-year students of the College of Law.

For information on becoming a member of the Florida State University Law Review, please visit our Prospective Members Page.

The Mission of the Florida State University Law Review

To provide forum for contemporary legal discourse, we must:

  • Adhere to the highest standards of analysis, accuracy, and timeliness in publishing the law review;
  • distinguish the College of Law as a leading institution, known for its support of scholarship and academic pursuit;
  • attract the College of Law's finest legal communicators by encouraging independent legal thought, offering positions of responsibility, and maintaining a tradition of service to our college;
  • inform our profession about the compelling issues of our time by providing a forum for student scholars, practitioners, and legal educators;
  • offer our profession a selection of articles balanced between the theoretical and the practical;
  • uphold the honor and decorum of our profession by championing the highest standards of conduct;
  • stand together as advocates of quality legal education and strive to improve the reputation of our Law Review and of our school;
  • inspire cooperation, commitment, and camaraderie among our membership and the College of Law at large; and
  • safeguard an institutional memory and tradition so that those who follow will benefit from our experience.

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Bring errors in this volume to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief. When appropriate, the Law Review will publish corrections.


Address all correspondence to Florida State University Law Review, College of Law, Ausley House, 425 West Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1601.

Direct all copyright requests, advertising and business matters to Hannah Rodgers, Editor-in-Chief.

Submit manuscripts through ExpressO, Scholastica, or by email to Alan LaCerra, Executive Article Selection Editor.

The views expressed in published material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of the Law Review, its editors and staff, or Florida State University. We welcome and will consider for publication letters to the editor about work appearing in the Law Review.