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  • Most of the Florida digital projects were compiled by the Florida State University College of Law Legal Research Center with financial support from the law libraries of Ave Maria School of Law, Barry University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida Coastal School of Law, Florida International University, Florida State University, Nova Southeastern University, St. Thomas University, Stetson University, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, University of Florida, and University of Miami. Not for Commercial Use.

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Florida Digital Projects

Florida Adminstrative Code 1963-1970

From 1963 to 1970, the Florida Administrative Code was published by the Division of Elections in looseleaf form with monthly update pages. In 1970, the code was renumbered, and all pages were reissued. This resource contains all pages in place in 1970.

Florida Administrative Code 1970-1982

From 1970 to 1982, the Florida Administrative Code was published by the Division of Elections in looseleaf form with monthly update pages. This database contains pages published during this time. Different versions of a page, which were in place on different dates, can be retrieved through an interactive search.

Florida Attorney General Opinions

Complete coverage of Florida Attorney General Opinions from 1961 to 1973, as published in the Biennial Report of the Attorney General. Sporadic coverage of opinions back to 1930. To the extent possible, unpublished opinions are included in this collection.

Florida Governor's Executive Orders and Signing Statements

Executive Orders by Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist.
For a complete list see: Executive Orders from the Governor's Office

Florida Statutes

Scanned images of many of the Florida statutes beginning in 1941.

Florida Supreme Court Briefs and Opinions

The Florida State University College of Law Research Center Briefs and Opinions page includes opinions issued by the Florida Supreme Court since July 1986 and the briefs filed in those cases. New cases are added at the end of each week the Court is in session.

Florida Summaries of General Legislation, 1970-1994.

Scanned copies of the Summaries of General Legislation published by the Florida Legislative Service Bureau for sessions from 1970 to 1994.

Florida Selected Legislation -- Staff Analyses

Staff Analyses for selected Florida legislation. Many of the documents provided here deal with RICO

Florida - Index to Special and Local Laws 1845 - 1970

This is a consolidated index to all local and special laws enacted during the period 1845 through 1970. So-called general acts of local application (population acts) are not included. However, every local or special law enacted during the indicated period is indexed, including those which have been expressly repealed.

Index to Laws of Florida Special and Local Laws 1971 to 2013

This index is a subject guide to special and local laws enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida. It is updated annually to incorporate references to laws passed during each legislative session. This volume covers laws enacted in the years from 1971 through 2012. Laws enacted prior to 1971 are covered in the companion volume, Index to Special and Local Laws, 1845-1970. Together, the two indexes provide comprehensive access to special legislation relating to local government in Florida.

Florida Statutes 2013 Definitions Index

This index lists all terms and phrases that are defined in the Florida Statutes 2013 and the Florida Constitution.

Florida Statutes 1941 - Volume III - Helpful and Useful Matter

The Volume III is intended to provide helpful and useful matter to the legal profession of Florida, supplementing the material contained in the previously published Volumes I and II.

Florida's Constitutions: The Documentary History
The Documentary History - Table of Contents

The following is a compilation of documents tracing the chronological development of Florida's Constitutions. It includes copies of each of Florida's six constitutions, as they existed upon ratification; each proposed amendment, whether presented by legislative resolution, revision commission, or initiative; and Supreme Court decisions affecting ballot position. The Table of Contents contains reference to the constitutional articles and sections affected by the proposed amendments as well as the disposition of each, and is intended to be used as a research tool to assist in the location of the primary sources which comprise the history of Florida's organic law. Also included, when available, are cites to contemporary analyses of the various proposals, prepared by the Public Administration Clearing Service of the University of Florida, as part of their Civic Information Series, to educate voters on the proposed changes.

Jo Dowling, the former Assistant Librarian of the Florida Supreme Court, compiled the documents. Florida State University College of Law and the College of Law Library created the website to provide Internet access.

Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission Archive Site

Includes final versions of the Constitutional Proposals, Statutory Recommendations, and Governmental Services Committee Reports that have been adopted by the Commission.

Other Digital Projects

Decisions of the Board of Appellate Review

Includes administrative determinations of the Department of State on loss of nationality:
Decisions of the Board of Appellate Review
Opinions of the Board of Appellate Review
Published Opinions of the Board of Appellate Review

Human Rights Documents

Human Rights Documents (LAW Micromaterials Room Mif 936) is a unique collection of documents produced by over 355 non-governmental human rights organizations (NGO’s) throughout the world, edited by Human Rights Internet in Ottawa, and published by IDC Publishers. It is reproduced in microfiche format. With permission from IDC Publishers, the FSU Law Research Center has digitized the collection's accompanying index and provided electronic access through the Research Center's web site to facilitate identifying and locating specific items. The index may be searched by organization name, organization number, or by region. To locate a relevant document in the microfiche collection (Mif 936), a user will need to note the organization number and document number.

Limits in the Seas and International Boundary Studies

The aim of the Limits of the Seas Series is to set forth the basis of national arrangements for the measurement of marine areas by coastal States. The International Boundary Studies Series sets forth the basis of national arrangement for the boundaries between countries. Both the supporting documents and maps are online. This is a work in progress so check back often for new material.

NSCEP Environmental Publications

Select Legal Compilations from the National Sevice Center for Environmental Publications.



The Research Center's Rare Book Collection

The Research Center's Rare Book Collection contains a variety of interesting materials.