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Kristine “Kris” Knab (’78) Receives Exemplary Public Service Career Award

Alumna Kristine “Kris” Knab (’78), who passed away July 19, is our inaugural Exemplary Public Service Career Award recipient. One of 49 nominees, the award committee selected Knab for her decades of service at Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. (LSNF), where she worked from 1978 until retiring in 2016.

Knab’s last 22 years at LSNF were as executive director. Her nominators called Knab a “champion for the underprivileged,” and submitted evidence of her skillful leadership of LSNF, especially during times of limited resources. 

The Honorable Claudia Isom (’75) wrote, “Because this award honors FSU graduates who have given their life, or the entirety of their legal career, and souls to public service, I can think of no person better qualified than Kris Knab.”

“Not only is Kris undeniably deserving, but her selection as the first recipient of this award would set an appropriately high bar for all future nominees,” wrote nominator Tom Powell (’76). “To the listed criteria for this award – exceptional character, integrity, humility, professionalism and ethics – I would add dedication, selflessness, generosity, and unfailing respect for others, and say that she exceeds all conceivable expectations in every category.”

We will posthumously honor Knab during our 2018 Homecoming Reception on Friday, October 19. An oil portrait of Knab will also be displayed prominently at the law school.