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New Faculty Members Join College of Law

New Faculty montage

FSU Law is welcoming several new faculty members this year. Michael T. Morley and Sarah L. Swan have joined as assistant professors, and Carla Laroche and Darby Kerrigan Scott are new clinical professors.

Morley teaches and writes in the areas of election law, constitutional law, remedies and the federal courts. He is teaching Election Law this semester.

Swan teaches in the areas of torts, criminal law, family law and local government law. Her scholarship focuses primarily on third-party responsibility and its rise as a dominant mode for the redress and prevention of harms. She is currently teaching Contemporary Topics in Tort Law.

Laroche directs and teaches in the Gender and Family Justice Clinic within our Public Interest Law Center. The clinic refocuses our clinical offerings in the area of family law. Students will represent individuals who are or were incarcerated in primarily family law matters. Laroche is also teaching Gender Justice this semester.

Scott directs the Immigration and Farmworker Project within the Public Interest Law Center. Through the project, students will assist immigrants and agricultural workers who face employment barriers, such as undocumented status, lack of housing and lack of healthcare.

To learn more about our faculty, visit the Faculty page. You may also read articles on each new faculty member in our FSU Law Focus newsletter.

Photo: (L-R) New FSU Law faculty members Swan, Laroche, Scott and Morley.