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2010 Press Releases

Tallahassee father and son create law school endowment

Jan 01, 2010

TALLAHASSEE — Tallahassee attorneys Pete and Marc Dunbar, father and son  graduates of Florida State University’s law school, have pledged $200,000 to create the  Dunbar Family Endowment for Excellence at the school. The gift will be eligible for a 50  percent match from the state of Florida. The state match will be added to the permanent  endowment, creating a total endowment of $300,000.

“This endowment is a  way for us to give  back  and  support Florida  State  University's College of Law and ensure that in the future and for years to come others will  have the same  opportunities that may not have  been  available to them otherwise,” said  Marc Dunbar. “The education we received, the opportunities and the alumni connections we have, are something for which we will always be very grateful.” 

The income generated by the endowment will be used at the discretion of the law  school for purposes such as student scholarships, faculty incentives and funding for cocurricular student activities such as law journals and advocacy teams.

“We are all very grateful for this generous financial support,” said Dean Don  Weidner. “Both Marc and Pete help us in so many ways, including sharing their expertise  with our students as adjunct professors.” 

“The education we received from the college formed the foundation on which we  built our legal practice  and  other  professional opportunities we've  had  throughout our careers,” said Pete Dunbar. “One of the tenets of strong, thriving institutions like Florida  State University College of Law is the commitment of its alumni to continuing to support  the institution, its advancement and its ability to offer greater educational opportunities.” 

The  Dunbars are shareholders with  the  Tallahassee firm of Pennington, Moore, Wilkinson, Bell & Dunbar, as well as adjunct faculty members at the law school. Pete’s practice focuses on administrative, real property, and governmental law, while Marc is an  expert on gaming and governmental law. Pete also is a member of the law school’s Board  of Visitors. 

January 2010