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2010 Press Releases

Eighty-one percent of Florida State University law students give to annual fund

Feb 01, 2010

TALLAHASSEE—Eighty­one percent of Florida State University College of Law students have made cash contributions to the law school’s annual fund, making the  2010 rate of student giving the highest in the school’s history. Students contributed  during an annual fund drive held January 25­31.

“Generating a culture of philanthropy is critical as state law schools are being  privatized,” said Dean Don Weidner. According to American Bar Association data,  Florida State is one of the nation’s best law schools in terms of alumni giving rate. “It  demonstrates that investments in our law school are paying great dividends.” 

“For the students, donating to the school is much more than a number,” said  Student Bar Association President Andrew Fay, whose leadership was instrumental  during the drive. “We look at the annual fund drive as an opportunity to show our gratitude to the faculty and administration for all of the hard work that goes into  preparing us for the legal profession.”  

February 2010