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2013 Press Releases

Florida State University College of Law Lowers Cost of Degree With 3+3 Program

Nov 01, 2013

Don Weidner

Dean Don Weidner

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida State University College of Law is now accepting applications from college juniors at Florida State as part of a new 3+3 program. Under the recently approved program, students who meet certain admission requirements can complete a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years rather than the traditional seven, saving a year of time and costs.

“I am extremely excited that our new 3 + 3 program at Florida State has been approved,” said Dean Don Weidner. “In short, under this program, the first year of law school is double-counted: that is, it is credited both to the law degree and to the undergraduate degree. The result is that students and/or their families save the entire cost of the fourth year of college.” Dean Weidner expects to finalize similar agreements with several other universities in the near future.

To learn more about the 3+3 admission requirements, interested students should contact Director of Admissions Jennifer Kessinger at 850.644.3787 or Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Janeia Daniels Ingram at 850.644.7338.

November 2013