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College of Law

Florida State University



Mary Zeigler

Mary Ziegler

Stearns Weaver Miller Professor

Florida State University
College of Law
Roberts Hall, Room 216
Phone: 850.645.0364



J.D., cum laude, Harvard University, 2007
B.A., magna cum laude, Harvard College, 2004

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Mary Ziegler teaches courses in family law, employment law, torts, and reproduction, sexuality, and the law. She previously served as a law clerk for the Honorable John Dooley of the Vermont Supreme Court and held a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University Law School. Before joining the Florida State law faculty, she taught at St. Louis University School of Law.

Her book, After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate, uses more than 100 oral history interviews and extensive archival research to challenge the conventional legal and historical account of social-movement reactions to Roe v. Wade. In studying the decade after Roe, the project explores reasons for the contemporary polarization of the abortion wars.

She is the author of twenty published or forthcoming articles that fall at the intersection of historical and legal scholarship. Her work focuses on reproductive health, gender, constitutional and family law, and law and social change. She has served as a featured guest blogger on the Legal History Blog and JURIST and has appeared as a commentator in leading media outlets, including The Atlantic Monthly, the Orlando Sentinel, and The Tampa Tribune.

Select Recent Publications


Legal and Constitutional History, in The Routledge History of the Twentieth Century (Routledge) (forthcoming 2017)

“Roe v. Wade,” in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History (forthcoming 2016)

Harris v. McRae, in Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice (Linda Berger, Bridget Crawford & Kathy Stanchi, editors) (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming 2016)

The Disability Politics of Abortion
, __ Utah L. Rev.__ (forthcoming 2016)

Reproducing Rights: Rethinking the Costs of Constitutional Discourse
, __ Yale J.L. & Feminism __ (forthcoming 2016)

Perceiving Orientation: Defining Sexuality After
Obgergefell, __ Duke J. Gender L. & Pol’y __ (forthcoming 2016)

The Conservative Magna Carta, __ N.C. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2016)

Choice at Work
: Young v. United States Parcel Service, Pregnancy Discrimination, and Statutory Reproductive Liberty, 93 Denv. U. L. Rev. 219 (2015)

The (Non-)Right to Sex, 69 U. Miami L. Rev. 631 (2015)

Identity Contests: Litigation and the Meaning of a Social Movement Cause, 86 U. Colo. L. Rev. 1274 (2015)

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Abortion and the Constitutional Right (Not) to Procreate, 48 U. Rich. L. Rev. 1263 (2014)

The Price of Privacy, 1973 to the Present, 37 Harv. J.L. & Gender 285 (2014)

Beyond Backlash: Legal History, Polarization, and Roe v. Wade, 71 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 969 (2014)

Book Review: Estelle B. Freedman, Redefining Rape: Sexual Violence in
the Era of Suffrage and Segregation
, 33 Law & Hist. Rev. 351 (2014)

Roe’s Race: The Supreme Court Decision, Legal History, and the Racial Politics of Abortion
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Women’s Rights on the Right: The History and Stakes of Modern Pro-Life
Feminism, 1968 to the Present
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