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Externship Opportunities


The law school offers one of the most extensive externship programs in the United States. Students earn academic credit while working under the supervision of practicing attorneys. Our clinical externship program, which has been referred to as a model for the nation, places students in more than 100 offices throughout Florida and elsewhere - far more placement options than many law schools. Students may even select international externships in locations around the world including London, The Hague and Botswana.


Many of our externships involve the practice of law, which requires students to be certified by the Florida Supreme Court. This certification is beneficial during and after law school. Because our programs provide more academic credit than those at most other law schools, students are more engaged in actual law practice and gain more valuable experience that will benefit them upon graduation.


Students can select from externships in the following areas: administrative, appellate, business, civil, criminal justice, environmental, government, international, judicial, labor/employment, legal services and transactional.




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