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Our Approach to Legal Education


The quality of our program starts with an outstanding student body. We are proud of our students and the diverse backgrounds and professional experiences they bring to our law school community. We also provide a cutting-edge faculty that is both interdisciplinary in nature and committed to advancing the success of our students. Finally, our location in Tallahassee provides many educational and professional experiences during law school.

Because we provide our students with the foundation of a strong legal education, they continue to excel after graduation. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Florida State is the nation's 25th best law school in terms of placing graduates in jobs that require law degrees. Law School Transparency gives Florida State the nation's 26th best overall employment score. Florida State is the only Florida Law school rated in the top 50 on either list.


Due to the success of our students, faculty and graduates, our reputation is rising rapidly. U.S. News & World Report (2012) ranks Florida State one of the nation's top 51 law schools and ranks the environmental law program 8th best int he nation and its tax program 23rd best (tied with Duke).



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