College of Law Advocacy Center

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The College of Law’s Advocacy Center, previously home to Florida’s First District Court of Appeal, is adjacent to current law school facilities. The law school expanded into the 50,000-square-foot building in January 2012.

The Advocacy Center includes five courtrooms: the completely refurbished historic appellate courtroom used by the First District Court of Appeal and four additional courtrooms with jury boxes. Students utilizing the courtrooms have access to cutting-edge technology as they prepare for statewide and national competitions. These teaching courtrooms will feature multiple video cameras that will allow students to capture and then study their practice arguments, as well as the reactions of the simulated judges and juries. Future plans for the Advocacy Center include hosting national mock trial and moot court competitions.

In addition, the Advocacy Center houses the law school’s three live client clinics that comprise the school’s Public Interest Law Center (PILC) – including the newest clinic that partners law and medicine. This provides center attorneys and students much-needed additional space as they assist some of the area’s most under-represented individuals. This new space is like a state-of-the-art, neighborhood legal aid office, complete with client interview rooms, a reception area and offices for clinical professors and staff.

A new student reading room, high-tech video conference room, mid-size classroom, five seminar rooms and 15 faculty offices also are housed in the Advocacy Center. Two suites for faculty members affiliated with the nationally-ranked Environmental Law Program and with the Business Law Program allow for greater day-to-day collaboration.

The majority of administrative offices also have relocated, allowing for the reconfiguration of current facilities to include additional mid-size and large classrooms. The Advocacy Center includes a Placement suite with six adjoining interview rooms, and new spaces for the Admissions, Student Affairs and Dean’s offices.

For those interested in increasing opportunities for students in conjunction with the building expansion, there are several naming opportunities available at the Advocacy Center. Gifts of various amounts and for any purpose can be earmarked to name a portion of the building. Because the building is fully funded, naming donations do not need to be used for bricks and mortar. For example, the interest earned on a $2 million gift to endowment to name the Public Interest Law Center can be designated for any purpose the donor wishes. Click here to view the sponsorship opportunities.

Images | Sponsorship Availability