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College of Law

Florida State University


Exam Information

FSU College of Law final exams are administered electronically using ExamSoft SofTest, the same software used for The Florida Bar Examination.

Roughly two weeks prior to exam day, students will receive an email from ExamSoft with instructions and a link to login to download and install the software and exam files for each course in which you are enrolled. ExamSoft versions are only valid for one year, make sure to check that your version is up-to-date. 

Help desk technicians provide ExamSoft training sessions before each exam period. Training is usually offered two weeks before exams start, twice a day in Roberts Hall and the Advocacy Center. (An email from the help desk is sent to students with specified dates and locations). The technicians instruct, step-by-step, how to install and use ExamSoft to take a mock exam. Students are highly encouraged to bring the laptop on which they'll be taking their exam with to training. Exams can only be downloaded on one computer; additional downloads may only be requested under specific circumstances. 

If you are unable to attend a training session, please be sure that you are familiar with the software and are able to download and submit one of the mock exams. If you need to schedule a private training at your convenience, you may contact the helpdesk via email, or by calling 850.644.7735.

Before Exam Day

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your equipment, the SofTest software and the instructions provided to you during training. Please allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with your laptop and the application. Exam takers who are not comfortable with the software before exam day may want to consider handwriting their exam.

  1. Confirm that there is plenty of free hard drive space on your computer.

  2. Ensure that your computer is virus-free.

  3. Locate the A/C battery power indicator light on your laptop so you may determine if you are running on A/C power (i.e. power from a wall outlet).

  4. Ensure that your battery has at least 20 minutes of charge in the event there is a temporary power outage during the exam.

  5. Ensure that your computer's internal clock has the correct date and time. To verify the date and time, double-click the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen.

  6. Disable the sleep/hibernate mode on your computer. Some computers go into sleep/hibernate mode during extended periods of nonuse. During an exam, it can be difficult to exit this mode. Refer to the instructions for your operating system to modify these settings. 

On Exam Day 

Please remember that support cannot be provided on the installation and configuration of ExamSoft on the day of or during an exam. 

Helpdesk technicians will be present for assistance at the start of exams as well as at the end when exams are being submitted. In addition, the technology department provides two exam helpdesks for any issues occurring throughout the duration of the exam period.

  1. Bring your registered laptop, a fully charged battery, and a computer power cord (if applicable).

  2. Use the instructions that will be provided to you on exam day to launch SofTest.

  3. Immediately before SofTest launches the exam, you will be provided a warning screen with RED STOP SIGNS indicating that you should not begin the exam until instructed to do so. ANY ATTEMPT TO DISABLE OR TAMPER WITH SOFTEST'S SECURITY FEATURES WILL BE CONSIDERED A VIOLATION OF THE UNIVERSITY'S ACADEMIC HONOR CODE.

  4. If you encounter computer difficulty during the exam notify a proctor immediately, do not attempt to troubleshoot issues on your own. In addition, do not uninstall softest until you receive your results.

The majority of exams can be hand-written in a Blue Book, but some online courses may REQUIRE the use of ExamSoft.