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College of Law

Florida State University


Exam Training Schedule

Exam training sessions are offered to any students including those that are new to ExamSoft or anyone that would like a refresher. Students who are not able to attend a training session should email the Technology Department to set up a private appointment. 

Monday, April 10th
        Room 210, 11:00am
        Room A020, 3:30pm

Tuesday, April 11th
        Room A020, 9:00am
        Room R107, 3:00pm

Wednesday, April 12th
        Room R107, 10:00am
        Room A216, 3:30pm

Thursday, April 13th
        Room A020, 9:00am
        Room R107, 3:30pm

Friday, April 14th
Room 103, 9:30am
        Room A216, 2:30pm


Monday, April 17th
        Room A216, 11:00am
        Room R107, 3:30pm

Tuesday, April 18th
        Room 210, 10:00am
        Room A020, 4:00pm

Wednesday, April 19th
        Room A020, 9:00am
        Room 208, 3:00pm

Thursday, April 20th
        Room 208, 9:30am
        Room A020, 2:30pm

Friday, April 21st
        Room A020, 10:30am
        Room 210, 4:00pm