Jeffrey H. Kahn

Jeffrey H. Kahn

Jeffrey H. Kahn

Harry M. Walborsky Professor and Associate Dean for Business Law Programs
Contact Information

Florida State University
College of Law
Advocacy Center, Room A202D
Phone: 850.644.7474


J.D., University of Michigan Law School, 1997
B.A., Duke University, 1994

Professor Jeffrey Kahn’s scholarship focuses on the federal tax area. He is the author of several treatises including Federal Income Tax (6th ed., Foundation Press 2011) (with Douglas Kahn) and Principles of Corporate Income Taxation (Thomson/West 2010) (with Douglas Kahn and Terrence Perris). He also has published numerous articles in both general law reviews and tax journals. Professor Kahn teaches primarily in the area of federal taxation, including personal income tax, corporate tax, partnership tax and international tax courses. He has also taught a seminar on tax policy. Outside of the tax area, he teaches torts and business organizations.

Kahn worked for three years as a tax associate in the Chicago office of McDermott, Will & Emery. He has served on the faculties at Washington & Lee School of Law, Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law and Santa Clara University School of Law. He has also been a visiting professor at Vanderbilt University Law School, Stanford Law School, University of California Hastings College of Law and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law.


Select Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Taxation of S Corporations in a Nutshell (with Douglas Kahn) (3d ed., Thomson/West) (forthcoming 2020)

Principles of Corporate Tax (with Douglas Kahn) (2d ed., West 2019)

Federal Income Tax (with Douglas Kahn) (8th ed., Foundation 2019)

Taxation of S Corporations in a Nutshell (with Douglas Kahn) (2d ed., Thomson/West 2017)

Tax and Cross-Collateralized Nonrecourse Liability (with Douglas Kahn), 24 Fla. Tax Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2021)

Res Ipsa Loquitur: Reducing Confusion or Creating Bias? (with John Lopatka), 108 Kentucky L.J. 239 (2020)

The Tax Treatment of Liability Insurance Coverage, 163 Tax Notes 1381 (2019)

GoTaxMe: Crowdfunding and Gifts, 22 Fla. Tax Rev. 180 (2018)

The Misfortune of the Deduction for Business and Personal Casualty Losses, 21 Fla. Tax Rev. 622 (2018)

The Fallacious Objections to the Tax Treatment of Carried Interest, 20 Fla. Tax Rev. 319 (2017)

A Response to the Defense of Eliminating Capital Gains Treatment for Carried Interest (with Douglas Kahn), 157 Tax Notes 1606 (2017)

The Inappropriateness of the Bad Checks Penalty (with Douglas Kahn), 157 Tax Notes 835 (2017)