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College of Law

Florida State University


Oceanography: Aquatic Environmental Science and Law

The College of Law and Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) joint-degree program in Law and Oceanography: Aquatic Environmental Science, J.D./M.S., permits students to complete both degree programs concurrently.

All applicants must have completed or expect to have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to law school matriculation. Applicants who have taken courses in environmental science, biology, or chemistry will be more competitive for admission into the joint-degree program.

Students who are applying for admission into the joint-degree program, prior to their first year of law school, will need to apply to each program separately. Applicants are responsible for informing both departments of their desire to pursue a joint-degree. Applicants for the College of Law apply at Applicants for the M.S. program apply through the Florida State University Graduate Application Portal at Upon admission to both programs, the students should immediately submit a letter of intent and a completed joint-degree application to the College of Law Office of Admissions.

Students can also begin their study at the College of Law, and then apply for both the M.S. program and the joint-degree once enrolled for their first year in the Law program. Upon admission, they may concurrently take courses in both Law and Aquatic Environmental Science.

Applicants desiring to pursue the joint-degree in this fashion must submit all necessary documentation and the joint-degree application to the Admissions Office of the College of Law by May 15th of their first year in the Law program.

Applicants should contact the EOAS department directly to obtain specific information on the necessary GRE requirements. EOAS may waive the GRE requirement based on the applicant’s LSAT score.