One of the most effective ways for employers to recruit our students is through participation in the fall and spring On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) program. Last year, the law school welcomed more than 100 employers through the OCI program. OCI provides legal employers the opportunity to interview law students for full-time and part-time law clerk, intern or associate positions. These interviews can be conducted remotely or in person.

Many employers who are not able to visit campus utilize Zoom or other video conferencing programs to conduct interviews. For more information, please contact Career Services and Professional Development at 850.644.4495.

To participate in OCI or video conference interviews, employers should complete this form, selecting an interview date and providing basic information about their organizations. Two weeks before the interview dates, the Career Services Office will forward resumes of interested students to the employers for review. Employers then contact Career Services with the names of the students they think are best suited for the available positions, and our office coordinates the logistics, including notifying selected students and scheduling the interviews.




Resume Collect

In addition to our On-Campus Interviewing Programs, the Career Services Office also hosts a popular Resume Collect Program designed to attract legal employers who are unable to visit Florida State's campus during the scheduled OCI time. Career Services collects resumes from interested students and forwards a packet of applicants to employers for review and follow-up by the individual employers.

Advertising Entry-level and Lateral Positions

One of the Career Services Office's most popular services is posting job listings. All job postings are accessible to students and alumni with a password online.

There are two ways to post job listings:

  • Fill out the Job Posting form and submit via "Submit" button on the form.
  • Post the job directly to our Symplicity job placement software. Our web-based job placement software program allows employers to post jobs directly to our site and view students' resumes. If you need a username and password or any assistance in using this software, please call our office at 850.644.4495.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Employment Policy for Full-Time Students

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