Research Center Policies

Research Center Access

Due to COVID-19, the Research Center is currently closed to the public. However, we recommend that the public check the Florida Law Help website as this site provides forms, answers to frequently asked questions, a legal glossary, and much more.

Borrowing Policy

In order to borrow circulating materials, borrowers must present a library card. Florida State University students, faculty, and staff use their FSU I.D. cards as library cards. All non-FSU borrowers, including firms, alumni, and visitors should use a special library card which are obtained at the Circulation Desk.

View the Borrower's Privileges Chart here.

Reserve Items:
- Are due back within 2 hours
- No overnight checkout
- Due before research center closes

Late fines are $3 per hour.
After 24 hours, you will be charged the book replacement cost PLUS an additional $25 fee and accrued fines. Once billed, you will have 24 hours to return the overdue item. After this time, no refunds for replacement cost will be distributed. Charges will be sent to the University Collection Office and we are no longer in control of the issue. Honor Code Violation: Abuse of course reserves will be reported to the Dean of Student Affairs for potential honor code violation. Complete Academic Rules and Policies (section 17.1.3)

Materials on Open Shelves

Statutes, reporters, periodicals, and multi-volume sets on the open shelves may be checked out of the Research Center only if multiple copies are available.

The first copy of the item is stamped (in the back) "For use in library only." Duplicate copies are stamped "This book may be checked out for one day only," or have a green card in the back. These books may be checked out for one day.

Single-volume works may normally be checked out for three weeks. These books have no special stamp and have a date-due slip in the back. "For use in library only" materials may not be taken out of the Research Center.

Patrons are welcome to sit at any open table or chair and review the materials we have on our shelves. Please be courteous and re-shelve the items only where you retrieved them from. If you are unsure where to place the materials, please see our circulation staff for assistance.

Research Center Collections Policy

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