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College of Law

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Legal Risk Management and HR Compliance Concentration

Curriculum developed with the advice of prominent in-house and outside counsel, industry professionals, the Workers' Compensation Institute and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association.

The Juris Master in Legal Risk Management and HR Compliance is an online, 30-credit-hour master’s in law that can be completed on a part-time basis. The program enables working professionals to acquire legal skills to advance their careers in today's changing economy. 

You will gain a strong foundation in regulatory compliance and risk management. You will also acquire essential legal skills, such as: how to read and interpret statutes, regulations and case law, how to identify and address legal risks, and how to design and implement compliance programs. You will learn how to conduct legal research and how to communicate your findings to others within your organization.
The curriculum has been designed for compliance officers, legal risk managers and HR administrators, as well as for other professionals, including accountants, insurance underwriters, claim adjusters, IT administrators, consumer lending officers and paralegals. Students begin their studies by taking foundational courses in Contracts, Torts, Legislation and Regulation, Legal Studies and Research, and Regulatory Compliance. These are all core legal areas that students are likely to encounter while managing legal risks. Students will then proceed to study more advanced topics in courses such as: Employment Discrimination Law; Workers' Compensation Law; Employment Law and HR Compliance; Privacy and Cybersecurity Law; Governance Risks and Internal Controls; Consumer Protection; and Vendor Relations Risk Management. 

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Key Benefits

Economical – Competitively priced for both in-state and out-of-state students. Find more information on our Juris Master Online Tuition page.
Flexible – Can be completed fully online and on a part-time basis
Impactful – Lessons learned can be immediately applied at work
Sophisticated – Courses are taught by the same world-class professors who teach on campus, coupled with prominent industry experts
Relevant – Curriculum developed with the advice of prominent in-house and outside counsel, industry professionals, and the Workers' Compensation Institute 
Support – Access to online research databases and other resources available to on-campus students