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College of Law

Florida State University



Florida State University College of Law has an administration that is highly accessible to students, faculty and alumni, and is dedicated to enhancing the learning environment at the College of Law.

Dean's Office

Erin O'Hara O'Connor
and McKenzie Professor 

Manuel A. Utset, Jr.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
and William & Catherine VanDercreek Professor

Catherine Miller
Assistant Dean for Administration

Programmatic Deans

David E. Landau
Associate Dean for International Programs
and Mason Ladd Professor

Shi-Ling Hsu
Associate Dean for Environmental Programs
and John W. Larson Professor

David L. Markell
Associate Dean for Research
and Steven M. Goldstein Professor

Office of Admissions

Jennifer Kessinger
Assistant Dean for Admissions

Deborah Hood Gautier
Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment

Office of Student Affairs

Nancy Benavides
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Janeia Daniels Ingram
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Placement Office 

Nathan Moon
Associate Director of the Placement Office

Office of Development and Alumni Affairs 

Becky B. Shepherd
Director of Alumni Affairs and Annual Fund

Mackenzie Crane
Development Officer

Research Center

Elizabeth Farrell
Interim Director of Research Center

Communications Office

Christi N. Morgan
Director of Communications

Beth Pannell
Assistant Director of Communications

Technology Office

Matt Mortimer
Director of Technology

Fiscal Office

Jacquelyn Manduley
Director of Finance