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College of Law

Florida State University


LL.M. in Business Law

The LL.M. in Business Law is open to both students with a J.D. degree and to foreign lawyers. The LL.M. in Business is designed to provide advanced business law and finance training to lawyers in areas of growing demand, such as regulatory compliance, in-house counsel, transactional law, complex business litigation, and financial regulation due to changes in the legal landscape, the adoption of the Dodd-Frank Act and cybersecurity.

Each incoming LL.M. student will be matched to a program faculty member to serve as a mentor. The program’s faculty will help LL.M. students tailor their course of study, taking into account the students’ particular interests, educational background, and professional needs. There will be a mandatory but ungraded orientation program, aimed at providing students with an overview of the program requirements. LL.M. students will be required to take a writing seminar in which they will write a long research paper. An LL.M. student may instead choose to work directly with one or more faculty members in a directed independent study, which would culminate in the completion of a long research paper or three shorter papers.

The LL.M. will consist of 24 credit hours, which can be completed in one-year on a full-time basis or up to three years on a part-time basis.

LL.M. students will be able to participate in the College of Law’s Business Law Clinic, in which students learn transactional skills and earn academic credit by helping advise business and social entrepreneurs within the Florida State University community.