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Student Organizations

College of Law Student Organizations

Students at the College of Law are committed to achieving excellence in law school, and their contributions are critical to the school's intellectual and social life. The numerous student-run organizations and journals attest to their drive, energy and ambition. Below is a list of our existing student organizations and their contact information. In some cases, links are available to web pages created and maintained by the student organizations.

The College of Law also has several co-curricular organizations including the Florida State University Law Review, the Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law, the Journal of Transnational Law and Policy as well as Moot Court and Mock Trial programs. More information on our co-curricular programs can be found here.

Organizations and Contact Information

  • Advocates for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (AIRR)

    Advocates for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (AIRR) is committed to fighting for the human rights of all people. AIRR's work centers around educating people about the injustices that immigrants face, such as the separation of families. AIRR proudly works with statewide and national groups to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the DREAM Act. AIRR also serves as a forum for students interested in immigration law. AIRR coordinates volunteering opportunities with non-profit immigration law firms to help students fulfill their pro-bono requirement.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    Executive President - Rose Rosas
    Secretary - Sara Korkuc 
    Treasurer - Sophie Luchin
    1L Rep - TBA
    LL.M. Rep - TBA

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

    The Florida State Law chapter of The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) provides a forum to educate students and members of the community about fundamental civil liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution and to promote the protection of those civil liberties. Our members are involved with local, state and national ACLU chapters to assist these chapters' efforts and to gain pro bono and internship experience. The national network of the ACLU is our nation’s leading guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. As our society continues to wrestle with the age-old problems of racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and censorship of unpopular speech, the ACLU’s mission remains realizing the promise of the Bill of Rights for all and expanding the reach of its guarantees to new areas.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Bianca Baez
    Vice President - Maria Walts
    Treasurer - Giselle Justo
    Secretary - TBD
    Marketing Chair - TBD

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  • American Constitution Society (ACS)

    The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) promotes the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law.  These abiding principles are reflected in the vision of the Constitution’s framers and the wisdom of forward-looking leaders who have shaped our law throughout American history.  As a result of their efforts, the Constitution has retained its authority and relevance for each new generation.

    In recent years, an activist conservative legal movement has gained influence – eroding these enduring values and presenting the law as a series of sterile abstractions. This new orthodoxy, which threatens to dominate our courts and our laws, does a grave injustice to the American vision.

    The American Constitution Society embraces the progress our nation has made toward full embodiment of the Constitution’s core values. ACS believes that law can and should be a force for improving the lives of all people. We are revitalizing and transforming legal and policy debates in classrooms, courtrooms, legislatures and the media, and we are building a diverse and dynamic network of progressives committed to justice. Through these efforts, ACS will ensure that the institutions of American law reflect the highest values of our nation and serve the needs of its people.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Will Smith
    Vice President - Jonathan Marcelo
    Treasurer - Jennifer Mosquera
    Secretary - Olivia Cato
    Membership Chair - Kody Glazer
    Membership Chair - Ashley Watson

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  • Association for Criminal Justice

    The Association for Criminal Justice exposes students to practical topics in the criminal justice system. The organization shall introduce students to criminal law matters from judicial, prosecutorial and defense perspectives.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Lex Marie Murphy
    External Vice President - Mike Speer
    Internal Vice President - Sarah Leon
    Treasurer - Victoria Suarez
    Secretary - Taylor Byrd
    Alumni Coordinator - Elizabeth Buchanan
    Alumni Coordinator - Shannon Morris
    Activities Coordinator - Catie Doherty
    Activities Coordinator - Alexis Wilt
    Fundraising Coordinator - Ashley Simington
    1L Representative - TBA
    1L Representative - TBA

  • Aviation & Space Law Society

    The mission of the Aviation & Space Law Society is to introduce law students to current issues, important topics, exciting opportunities, and careers in aviation and space law. The Aviation & Space Law Society welcomes all students to learn more about these dynamic practice areas.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Johana Nieves
    Vice President of Aviation - Brent Marshall
    Vice President of Space - Grey Dodge
    Secretary - Sahana Sanna
    Treasurer - Justin Scott
    3L Rep - Michael Hoffman
    2L Rep - Heather Wolfe

  • Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

    The Delores Poindexter Auzenne Chapter of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) at Florida State Law exists to promote a more balanced and perfect union among all law students; to assist in the matriculation of BLSA members at the College of Law; and to enhance the social, intellectual and spiritual lives of BLSA members, the Florida State Law body and the community-at-large.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Tawanna Franklin

    Vice President - Mourama Saint-Fleur
    Treasurer - Morgan Pearson
    Secretary - Maria'h Givens
    Member-at-Large - Rodney Ulysse
    Community Service Chair - Asia Lewis
    Financial Secretary - Amber Jackson
    Social Chair - Matthew Moschell
    Social Justice Chair - Rodney Ulysse
    2L Rep - TBA
    1L Rep - TBA

  • Business Law Society (BLS)

    The BLS is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting social and academic interaction among Florida State University College of Law students interested in the various aspects of business, corporate and financial law. The goal of the BLS is to enhance the legal education of our members and to promote an interdisciplinary curriculum in business, corporate and financial law that builds upon the resources of Florida State University College of Law and provide students with unique opportunities to interact with various legal practitioners in the community, faculty and staff, and local corporate counsel.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Brooke Wickham
    Vice President - Alexandra Block
    Treasurer - Ben Taylor
    Secretary - Kristen Schalter
    Social Chair - Falyn Skinner
    1L Rep - TBA

  • Christian Legal Society
  • Cuban American Bar Association (CABA)

    The mission and purpose of CABA FSU LAW is to provide opportunities for student members to engage with legal professionals, further networking opportunities for members with local professionals in all areas of legal practice, and educate members about career opportunities within the Cuban Community. New networking and potential career opportunities will be created by hosting networking events through the Cuban American Bar Association, or “parent organization”, inviting guest speakers to come to the school, and offering mentoring opportunities for all students, providing more internships and job opportunities, as well as professional development and job development through OCI. These will be some of the main goals of the organization with the participation of CABA members throughout South Florida and the rest of the United States.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Victoria Suarez
    Internal Vice-President - Nick Rodriguez
    External Vice-President - Paige Farach
    Treasurer - Jorge Torres
    Secretary - Alexis Rodriguez
    1L Rep - TBA
    1L Rep - TBA

  • Democratic Law Students Association

    2017-18 Executive Board

    Elections in the fall.

  • Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Society

    To promote and support interest in the current issues affecting entertainment and sports law, and to establish and cultivate networks within this specialized legal community for the purpose of providing interested Florida State Law students with access to information regarding the availability of professional opportunities.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    President - Laura Frawley
    Vice President - Amanda Mezer
    Treasurer - Allison Beachy
    Secretary - Nikki Bhavsar
    Competition/Event Co-Chair - Alan LaCerra
    Competition/Event Co-Chair - Mitchell Custer 

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  • Environmental Law Society (ELS)

    The Environmental Law Society (ELS) provides a forum to address key environmental law issues on the local, state and federal levels, as well as functioning as a group available to participate in local environmental cleanups and fund raisers. ELS provides its members with opportunities to travel to national environmental law conferences and to make contact with state and local environmental employers through pro bono and internship opportunities.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Jess Melkun
    Vice President - Jessica Farrell
    Treasurer - Blair Schneider
    Secretary - Janaye Garrett
    Networking Chair - Travis Voyles

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  • Federalist Society

    The Federalist Society is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering balanced and open debate about the fundamental principles of freedom, federalism, and the role of the judiciary.  The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

    2016-2017 Organization Leaders

    Co-President - Walter Nathan Meloon
    Co-President - Christy Strasser
    Executive Vice President - Matt Goller
    reasurer - Tyler Parks
    Secretary - Ashley Watson
    Membership Chairman - Tristan LaNasa

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  • FSU Business Review

    The purpose of the Business Review is to provide a scholarly forum for contemporary legal discourse and to address the issues and concerns transforming the business community.

    2017-18 Executive Board

    Editor-in-Chief - Amy Bhatt
    Executive Editor - Amanda Mezer
    Executive Editor - Julia Wischmeier
    Managing Editor - Grant Pattison
    Writing & Research Editor - Natalia Nincevic
    Articles Selection Editor - Rima Nathan

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  • Health Law Society

    We are a newly re-founded non-political student organization dedicated to encouraging understanding and growth in the interrelationships of the legal and medical fields. We promote exploration of different areas of the health law field, and seek to assist students in understanding these various areas. We are working to set up interaction and networking opportunities with students and professionals in both law and medicine in order to promote greater understanding of this growing profession. 

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Katherine Perdomo
    Vice President - David Choo 
    Treasurer - Paul Polito
    Secretary - Amanda Hessein

  • Intellectual Property Law Society

    The Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) is an organization of law students interested in patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, ecommerce, and Internet law. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate student excellence in the field of intellectual property through 1) maintaining a network of interaction between students and local practitioners and alumni, 2) creating awareness of intellectual property trends that have a state, national, and global impact, and 3) helping students with and without technical backgrounds find a niche within one of the many growing trends within intellectual property law.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Kadmiel Perez
    Vice President - Kelsey Pincket
    Treasurer - Alex Sarsfield
    Secretary - TBA

  • International Law Students Association

    The purpose of the Florida State International Law Students Association (ILSA) is to educate the university community about the increasing relevance of international law to the environment, human rights, world peace, business and trade. ILSA sponsors speakers from around the world on various pertinent topics related to international law. ILSA also provides information regarding study abroad programs, foreign internships and career opportunities in international law. To promote the understanding of different cultures, ILSA sponsors cultural events, such as the annual Around the World Dinner. All Florida State Law students are invited to join ILSA.  

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Tyler Antolik
    Vice President - Lindsey Boudreau
    Treasurer - Johnny ElHachem
    Secretary - TBD
    Diversity Week Chair - TBD
    1L Rep - TBD
    1L Rep - TBD

  • JAWS (JD Activities Without Stress)

    JAWS was founded upon the principle of positive social interaction. Our goal is to relieve the stress many students undergo during law school and provide a foundation for lasting healthy ways to deal with the stress of a continued legal career. As an added benefit the organization provides lasting relationships among law students that strengthen the FSU Alum network.

    2016-17 Student Officers

    President - William Tipton
    Vice President - Amanda Mezer

  • Jewish Law Students Association

    JLSA was formed to create a greater awareness of Judaism at the College of Law. The organization promotes the ideal of the Jewish religion and creates unity and understanding among its members and other law students.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Natalie Berezin 
    Vice President - Ellie Goralnick
    Secretary - Tara Rosenberg
    Treasurer - 
    Aaron Tankel 
    2L Rep - Justin Alperstein 
    Community Relations Chair - Blair Schneider

  • Law School Council

    The purpose of LSC is to represent Law School registered student organizations (RSOs) before all budgetary committees of SGA and the Congress of Graduate Students, to sub-allocate funds to Law School RSOs, and to monitor and coordinate the budget activities of the various Law School RSOs.  LSC is comprised of seven law students elected as Members-at-Large by the Law School Student Body.

    2016-17 Organization Leaders

    Chair - Lauren Storch
    Board Member - Dominique Mortimer
    Board Member - Kristin Dupont
    Board Member - Lauren Storch
    Board Member - Jack Townsend
    Board Member - Max Solomon
    Board Member - Michael Hoffman
    Board Member - Jill Bowen
    COGS Speaker - Ben Elwood 

  • LitiGATORS

    The purpose of the LitiGators is to provide a community of support to aid in the transition of former University of Florida students to Florida State University College of Law by providing a social network, networking opportunities, hosting philanthropic events and assisting the Florida State University College of Law in its recruitment efforts. 

    For more information please visit our Facebook 

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Tyler Stokes
    Vice President - Taylor Patton 
    Treasurer - Tyler Parks
    Secretary - Melina Garcia
    Social Chair - TBA
    Alumni Outreach - Austin Dailey
    3L Rep - Christina Strasser
    2L Rep - Ashley Simington
    2L Rep - TBA
    1L Rep - TBA

  • OUTLaw

    OUTLaw seeks to provide a platform for all students to learn about the legal issues facing gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. OUTLaw sponsors events throughout the year to increase awareness of issues and to foster discussion of the current state of LGBTQ law at the national, state and local levels. OUTLaw is committed to working with allied organizations on campus to better the Florida State community and ensure that LGBTQ students are treated with the same respect as the student body as a whole. OUTLaw also exists to help students connect with the LGBTQ community in Tallahassee. We welcome and encourage all law students to joint OUTLaw, regardless of orientation and gender.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Ellie Goralnick
    Treasurer - Jessica Murray
    1L Rep - Janelle Batta
    1L Rep - Chad Sinckler
    1L Rep - Dakota Griffenkranz

  • Phi Alpha Delta

    Phi Alpha Delta is an organization dedicated to service. It helps student members by providing networking opportunities and resources for jobs, as well as by providing educational resources.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    Justice - Katie Harrington
    Vice President - Jackie Van Laningham
    Clerk/Secretary - Molly Gray
    Treasurer - Janaye Garrett
    Marshall - Michael Hoffman 
    Public Relations Chair - TBA
    Historian - TBA
    2L Rep - TBA
    2L Rep - TBA
    3L Rep - TBA
    Community Service Chair - TBA
    Fundraising Chair - TBA
    Social Chair - TBA
    Alumni Relations - TBA
    District Conference Chair - TBA
    Mock Trial Chair - TBA

  • Phi Delta Phi

    Phi Delta Phi founded in 1869, the oldest national association in the legal profession, is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of ethics and culture.  The purpose of this organization is to promote the advancement of the highest intellectual, professional, and ethical standards within the Florida State University College of Law community and the surrounding area and within the legal profession. To this end, Ladd Inn hereby establishes itself as an honor fraternity requiring all new initiates to possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 80 on the 100-point scale.  It shall be the responsibility of this Inn and the charge of each of its members to seek excellence in all scholastic and ethical endeavors undertaken towards achieving this worthy goal.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    Magister/President - Marianna Seiler
    Vice Magister/Vice-President - Marissa Cuffe
    Treasurer - Maria "Flor" Garcia-Bahamonde
    Secretary - Eryn Riconda
    Historian - Brooke Wickham

  • Public Interest Law Students Association (PILSA)

    Public Interest Law Students Association (PILSA) is committed to promoting pro bono and community service as well as helping students who wish to work in public interest law. It encourages all law students to make public interest a part of their careers.

    2016-2017 Executive Board

    President - Khari Fischer-Pratt
    Vice President - Katherine Perdomo
    Secretary - Kristi Sardina
    Treasurer - Natalia Nincevic
    Activities Chair - Elyce Loutzenhiser

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  • Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Society at FSU

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for students of the Florida State University College of Law to discuss issues pertaining to the field of Real Property, Probate, and Trust law. It will allow students to network with attorneys, both local and otherwise, and will help students to learn about opportunities and advancements within the fields.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Kandace Hillebrandt
    Vice President--Real Property - Mackenzie Medich
    Vice President--Estate Planning/Elder Law - Alyson Morelli
    Treasurer - Bobby Sears
    Secretary - Amanda Mezer
    Advisor - Hannah Wiseman

  • Republican Law Student Association

    The RLSA serves as a social and political organization whose goal is to promote the agenda of the Republican Party, to promote conservatism and further the legal, academic and social interests of its members, and to promote positive and open discourse.

    2016-2017 Executive Board

    President - Taylor Greene
    Vice President - Tyler Stokes
    Treasurer - Natalia Nincevic
    Secretary - Austin Flaugh

  • Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Student Bar Association

    SBA serves as the representative of the College of Law student body to discover and manifest its collective desires, to secure the benefits of mutual association, and to further the legal, academic, and social interests of its members and the College of Law. FSU Law Student Bar Association's main goal is to improve the overall quality of life for all students attending Florida State University College of Law. SBA offers the perfect opportunity to become involved in an organization that is constantly working to make the experience at FSU Law more enjoyable, rewarding, and fun. Further, SBA offers countless opportunities to become engaged and enjoy extracurricular activities while benefiting FSU Law and the Tallahassee community.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Kristin DuPont
    Vice President - 
    Chloe Zubkin
    Treasurer - Joseph Davis
    Secretary - Lillian Sharpe
    ABA Sr. Representative - Matt Margolis
    ABA Jr. Representative - Karina Skeie
    3L Representative - Mana Alizadeh
    2L Representative - Ryan Guerin
    1L Representative - Hillary Thornton
    1L Representative - Jonathan Marcelo
    1L Representative - Brandon Sapala
    Transfer Representative - Jordan Lulich

  • The Florida Bar YLD - Law Students Division

    The mission of the Law Student Division of The Florida Bar (LSD) is to assist The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division (YLD) in furthering the goals of The Florida Bar and to serve as liaisons for networking opportunities between law students and Florida attorneys. The LSD is designed to encourage interest in, and participation by, Division members in the purposes of the YLD. The LSD connects law students to YLD members through a variety of activities and projects designed to be of interest and assistance to Division members, and engages in such activities that tend to further the best interest of the legal profession.

    2016-17 FSU Board of Governors

    Chair - Lolia Fernandez
    3L Rep - E. Caroline Carson
    3L Rep - Beatriz Benitez
    2L Rep - Michael Hoffman 
    2L Rep - Jonathan Grosso
    1L Rep - Allison Beattie
    1L Rep - Jesse Nardy

  • Transfer Law Students Association

    The purpose of the Florida State Law Transfer Student Organization (TSO) is to help facilitate a smooth transition for new transfer students. This organization is open to the entire Florida State Law student body. TSO will help all transfers become acclimated with Florida State Law, Tallahassee and the local legal community. It is important to the TSO executive board to help new students with any questions or concerns they may have that are different than their previous schools.

    2016-2017 Executive Board

    President - Chloe Zubkin
    Vice President - Philip Wayne
    Secretary - Lindsey Davis
    Social Chair - Gregg Jacobs
    Treasurer - Rob Wheeler Jr.
    VP of Development - Lauren Angulo

  • UKnight at FSU Law

    UKnight at FSU Law is an organization within the law school that connects UCF Alumni within the local area and the UCF alumni within FSU Law.  This organization hopes to strengthen our connection with other alumni.  UKnight at FSU Law will offer networking events to its current members.  Within these networking socials, UCF Alumni within the surrounding areas will be invited to connect with current FSU Law students. 

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - 
    E. Caroline Carson
    Vice President - Lauren Storch
    Secretary - Nora Porter
    Treasurer - TBA
    Alumni/Event Coordinator - Florencia Garcia Bahamonde
    1L Rep - TBA

  • Women's Law Symposium

    WLS is dedicated to promoting the status of women in the legal community. WLS provides a forum for the discussion of issues concerning legal education and provides program to advance and assist students throughout their law school career, including networking with local attorneys and other leadership opportunities.  WLS also actively participates in charitable and voluntary causes in the community, as well as sponsors annual philanthropic events within the law school community.

    2016-17 Executive Board

    President - Jenna Von See
    Internal Vice President - Nora Porter
    External Vice President - Brenda Czekanski
    Secretary - T'Keyah Gadson
    Treasurer - Alyson Morelli
    Activities Co-Director - Johana Nieves
    Activities Co-Director - Melina Garcia
    1L Rep - Stephen Barber
    1L Rep - Elizabeth Kuehn